That day when we first came up with this idea of Startify is still so clear in my head and I never imagined that there would be a day when we would speak on it for hours with all that excitement. It has been a thrilling journey and has moulded my life and my personality! For me the learnings and the experiences during those two years of Startify are priceless. Would certainly advise youngsters to take the leap and startup. Its about learning and not about failure or success.

We really hope you enjoy listening to our stories and yes, have some takeaways. This podcast basically focuses on how we three got together, came up with this weird name of Startify, built the website, worked from balcony offices and growth hacked our way to make a mark in the ecosystem. We tried our best to keep it short, but failed! Would suggest you download the files, pause when you want and listen on the go. Moreover, do drop in a line on how you felt listening to this (even if get bored and do not listen to the entire part).

Download it from here

For all those who are wondering what the heck is going on, here is the description of the podcast,

” This podcast revolves around three IIT undergrad students, who took the leap and started up Startify in their sophomore year. Startify is basically an online incubation hub which helps startups grow. Startify has been acquired by an incubator based out of Jaipur.

The podcast is in the form of a story – right from how the founders met, ideated to how they got their first customer and the much famous exit. The founders have tried to share their learnings at every juncture of their journey.

Podcast Download Link –

Shout out to Abhinav, Karthik and E-Cell IIT Jodhpur for all the help.

Feel free to contact the founders, even if it is just for a random “Hello” :
Achyut Joshi – , {achyutj9 at gmail dot com}
Anshul Agarwal –…, {agarwal.anshul80 at gmail dot com}
Himanshu Sikaria, { himanshu.sikaria at gmail dot com }  “

A BIG thank you to my Startify team, Achyut and Anshul for getting back together and working on this podcast. This made me nostalgic!